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Historical Background

LHU is one of the first private universities in Viet Nam located in Dong Nai - an industrial province situated in the Southern key economic zone (including Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau). Dong Nai has many industrial zones formed before 1975. Up to the 1990s, implementing the policy of the Party - State on the process of industrialization and modernization through receiving the capital of foreign direct investment, Dong Nai has increasingly established and developed more industrial parks.
Starting from the demand for human resources for the industrialization of Dong Nai province in particular and the Southern key economic zone in general, Dong Nai’s authorities and people desire to have a university in Dong Nai.
From the 1993s – 1994s, provincial leaders realized the pressing need to build a university in Bien Hoa - Dong Nai in order to timely supply human resources to meet the provincial social economic growth. The fifth Conference of the Communist Party of Vietnam as well as following Congresses had a resolution on the establishment of a university in Bien Hoa. That is a basis promoting the early birth of a university in Dong Nai.
There were many opinions about the University's name, but eventually it was agreed that a university training manpower for the country, the people, trainees must keep in mind the origin, be proud of being Lac Hong descendants, must do how to deserve the teaching of the President Ho Chi Minh: “the Hung Kings built this nation, so we must try our best to protect it". Therefore, the University was called Lac Hong University.
On September 29th, 1995, the provincial People’s Committee decided to recognize the University Founding Council. On the same day, Chairman of provincial People’s Committee Tran Thi Minh Hoang sent a statement to the Prime Minister and Ministry of Education and Training for establishing the University of Lac Hong. While awaiting the decision of the Prime Minister, a Permanent Board of the Founding Council led by Assoc. Prof. Doan Van Dien, was born with the task to complete the necessary preparatory work for a university, being able to start an operation once officially decided by the Prime Minister. On June 2nd, 1997, the Minister of Education and Training, Prof. Dr. Tran Hong Quan, signed the decision to recognize the Founding Council of the LHU headed by Nguyen Trung Phuong - Vice-Chairman of People’s Committee. On September 9th, 1997, the Minister set up a statement No 8140/TCCB on the establishment of LHU to submit to the Government. On September 24th, 1997, the Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet signed Decision No. 790/TTg officially launched LHU located in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province. On October 17th, 1997, the Minister, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Hien, signed Decision No. 3261/GD-DT to recognize the Board of Trustees led by Mr. Nguyen Trung Phuong. On October 31st, 1997, the Minister signed Decision No. 3463/GD-DT appointing Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Doan Van Dien as Rector.
The headquarters of LHU - Campus 1
On November 13th, 1997, in Decision No. 3678/GD-DT, the Minister allowed the University to hold the first enrollment including departments: Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Civil Engineering, Economics (with three majors: Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Tourism Trade). New majors were added in the following years. Presently, the University has 20 different disciplines.
LHU is an educational establishment with interdisciplinary and multi-level training programs, combining training with scientific research, technology transfer in the fields of technology, economics, and social humanities. On the one hand, the University ensures to provide those who need training and retraining programs with high quality learning conditions, on the other hand, it ensures the supply of human resources qualified and knowledgeable about politics for labor markets in Dong Nai province in particular and the country in general.
Also, LHU directly provides human resources for Dong Nai provincial industrial parks, export processing zones and neighboring areas. Therefore, the University has developed training programs under the rate 60% theory, 40% practice and self-study. In addition to manpower training, LHU focuses on breeding ground for young talents. Students who have academic results from superior and above have to participate in research activities. The University always has a firm belief that each student has a potential and it is responsible for arousing that potential by research activities. With such training programs, students can immediately find jobs after their graduation.
LHU tends to be close to export processing zones, industrial parks, enabling officers and staff to get professional knowledge and serving lifelong learning needs of lecturers, staff members and students.

 Members of the Founding Council

Mr. Huynh Xuan Dinh

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Van Dien

Dr. Tran Hanh

Mr. Nguyen Duc Khuong 

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Lan 

Mr. Nguyen Van Lam 

Mr. Nguyen Trung Phuong

People's Teacher Dr.  Do Huu Tai

Mr. Lam Hieu Trung



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