LHU named top 50 most innovative universities towards Ethical Values in the WURI Ranking

Hanseatic League of Universities on June 11 evening organized an online workshop to rank innovative universities in the world. In four ranking catalogs of WURI (World's Universities with Real Impact), LHU is among the top 50 most innovative universities towards Ethical Values.

This result is due to the active contributions made by teachers and students of LHU in participating in EPICS Program of BUILD-IT Project over the years. Among these top 50 universities, US and Korean universities account for a large proportion, Southeast Asia region includes Vietnam (LHU), Philippines (Far Eastern University) and Indonesia (Telkom University). 

Top 50 most innovative universities according to WURI announced at the workshop. LHU is the only  university in Vietnam named among this Top

WURI Ranking is based on many criteria and rounds of evaluation by experts and leaders of universities around the world. The workshop was held by four global organizations: Hanseatic League of University (HLU), The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in Geneva, Switzerland, Taylor Institute of Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland (TI-FUS) and Institute for Policy and Strategy on National Competitiveness (IPSNC) in Seoul, South Korea.

The workshop included three sessions. At the first one, opening speeches were made by WURI founders and leaders. Prof. Cho Dong-Sung - Headmaster of Incheon National University introduced the origin and importance of WURI Ranking at the second session. At the third session, Prof. Moon Hwy-Chang, Seoul National University, WURI Project Manager presented the evaluation criteria, the evaluation processes and the official announcement of the 2020 WURI ranking results. The workshop also introduced excellent programs of some universities, including LHU.

LHU has been a member of Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU) since 2019

Unlike other ranking criteria, WURI emphasizes creative and innovative research and training, practical contributions and influence of innovativeness.


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