Closing Session of the 219th Online/Remote Site Visit in the AUN-QA Program Assessment

On 25 June 2021 morning, after four days of official assessment, the AUN University Network (AUN-QA) together with LHU and relevant officials organized the closing session the 219th online AUN-QA assessment for four training programs: Pharmacist, Accounting, English Language and Business Administration.

An overview of the closing session of the 219th AUN-QA Program Assessment

During the four-day assessment, AUN-QA assessors surveyed and evaluated the University's facilities by live streaming of site visit such as the Library, Dormitory, Computer Lab, Studio Lab, Gym, laboratories, working offices..., interviewed leaders of four Faculties, teaching staff, students, alumni, support staff and employers,... The interviews focused on Information and management system of the University, Training goals and perspectives, The consistency of training goals with the overall development strategy of the University, Approaches to build training programs according to output standards, Policies to support learners in living, studying, researching, working skills and job opportunities, Linkages with enterprises to enhance practicality and experience, Improvement of teaching methods, subject quality and professional skills for students.


Interview session with alumni of the English Language program

In the closing session, AUN-QA assessors presented preliminary results of the four programs, in which they highly appreciated LHU’s modern and synchronous facilities as well as students and alumni’s good communication skills in English.

In addition, they pointed out some areas for improvement to help the University and programs improve better, update according to integration trends and adapt to the 4th industrial revolution.

Dr. Do Thi Lan Dai - Chairwoman of LHU highly appreciated the AUN-QA assessors’s comments and recommendations on the strengths and weaknesses of the four assessed programs

On behalf of the AUN-QA assessor team, Prof. Dr. Faura Ab. Ghaffar - University of Malaysia thanked the University's leaders, lecturers, staff and students, especially the four assessed programs. Comments and suggestions from AUN-QA experts are hoped to help the University and other sectors implement better teaching and learning activities to bring higher value to learners.

Speaking at the closing session, Dr. Do Thi Lan Dai - Chairwoman of LHU sent sincere thanks to AUN-QA assessors of the external assessment program, also highly appreciated their analysis and comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the training programs on the basis of AUN-QA standards. According to preliminary results, the evaluation team recognized the strengths of the University in its efforts to innovate and continuously improve the curriculum to meet the trend of scientific and technical development and human resources of society, to motivate and encourage staff and lecturers of the University to continue to improve the quality of teaching better and better.

Employers accompanied the Accounting program

Thereby, Dr. Lam Thanh Hien - Rector affirmed "the University will focus on post-check activities to improve the training quality, learning and creative environment as well as students' professional competence after graduation, contributing to building and developing LHU to become an applied research-oriented university. Besides, the University will continue to register AUN accreditation for the Oriental Studies program and Civil Engineering program in the coming time. It also continues to promote its strategic plans on quality assurance activity. Specifically, LHU will send ABET experts a preliminary self-assessment of two training programs: Information Engineering Technology and Electrical - Electronics Engineering Technology at the end of 2021. It is expected to complete the official evaluation according to the ABET standards in 2022".


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