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Diploma systems

LHU's training and diploma system is relatively diverse, offering students many choices with many kinds of forms:

* Regular Training

         - Vocational Training ( a 2 year Secondary Technical School Diploma)
         - College (a 3 year Associate Bachelor’s Degree)
         - Vocational College (a 2 and a half year Associate Bachelor’s Degree )
         - Undergraduate (a 4 to 5 year Bachelor’s Degree)
         - Second Diploma (a 2 year Bachelor’s Degree )
         - Graduate ( a 1 and a half year Master’s Degree)

* In-service Training

          - Studying while working (a 5 year Bachelor’s Degree)
* Transitional Training
          - From College to Undergraduate
          - From Vocational Training to Undergraduate
With 10 different facutlies:
Over 20 years of establishment and development, LHU has provided the society with many highly qualified human resources. As an educational establishment with interdisciplinary and multi-level training programs, LHU will continue its efforts to educate more high quality worforce, contributing to the development of Dong Nai province and the country as well.

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