Bien Hoa city leaders visited and worked with LHU

Recently, LHU welcomed and worked with Mr. Pham Anh Dung - Chairman of Bien Hoa city People's Committee and representative leaders of specialized departments such as Education and Training Department, Economic Department, Internal Affairs Department, Finance - Planning Department... The delegation directly visited and proposed LHU's cooperation in implementing of some programs under the city infrastructure and human resources development project.

People’s Teacher Dr. Do Huu Tai - Rector (right) was confident in the University’s competence in cooperating to develop the locality.

The working session saw the presence of People’s Teacher Dr. Do Huu Tai - Rector, Standing Vice Rector Lam Thanh Hien, the University Management Board and leaders of specialized units such as Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics, Faculty of International Economics, Information and Resources Center and Center for Informatics and Foreign Languages.

Lãnh đạo thành phố Biên Hòa thăm và làm việc với trường

At the working session, representing LHU, Vice Rector Nguyen Vu Quynh presented an overview of the University's strengths in training and achievements in scientific research and technology transfer. Thereby, LHU can coordinate with the Bien Hoa city People's Committee in building the locality in the direction of urban standard type I.

At the meeting, Mr. Pham Anh Dung said "With the criterion of civilization and modernity, Bien Hoa becomes a living place, being the central city of Dong Nai province, being a satellite city connecting the southern key economic zone. 2016 marked Bien Hoa's strong transformation with success in economic field as well as investment in infrastructure development, which can be considered as the premise for competitiveness and investment attractiveness for the city in the coming years. In addition, the city has stepped up measures to support start-ups; training and fostering human resources to improve management, ability of informatics - foreign languages; towards application 4.0; building smart city project ... "

Lãnh đạo thành phố Biên Hòa thăm và làm việc với trường

Mr. Pham Anh Dung - Chairman of Bien Hoa city People's Committee (left) highly appreciated the role of LHU in jointly developing the new appearance of the locality.

With the above objectives, city leaders particularly expected LHU's contribution in improving the level of informatics - foreign languages ​​for managers, supporting young people startup knowledge, assisting educational units in applications of IoT, especially the smart city building project in the coming time.

The cooperation program with local authorities is considered to be an active contribution of LHU in building Bien Hoa city into a worthy city, where we can devote our labor and intelligence.

Translated by T.H
Lac Hong, 01/08/2018 - 14:48:04

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