LHU to work with MICRO: BIT company

A representative of MICRO: BIT company - Mr. Waris Candra - Regional Sales Director on March 21 had an exchange to share experience and discuss cooperation program with LHU. The exchange gathered all lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics.

Bước chạy đà đưa MICRO:BIT vào ĐH Lạc Hồng

Technological lecturers were excited to attend the exchange

MICRO: BIT is a tiny computer, extremely compact with only half the size of an ATM card. However, it contains a very awesome power with many unique and interesting features. This is the product of a cooperative project between BBC and Microsoft, ARM,  Samsung and some other partners with the aim of teaching students at all levels to understand how computers work, basic programming principles, operating principles of electronic devices. Thence people can be freely creative. With MICRO: BIT you can promote creativity or build applications from robots to music instruments and more.

MICRO: BIT is mounted on the robots

Mr. Waris Candra said "It was firstly introduced in 2015 in the UK and delivered for free to million British students. However, until now, not many people know this computer and its useful features. Hopefully it will be more known when it comes to LHU. "

The appearance of Mr. Waris Candra helped LHU lecturers get to know the basics of this small computer. It is expected that in the coming time, this tiny computer will serve teaching at the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics. Therefore, Sales Director of MICRO:BIT company enthusiastically shared experience in organizing active teaching and learning activities with products of MICRO: BIT, as well as activities that attract the participation of students at all levels, encouraging teachers' to learners' passion and creativity for technology.

Bước chạy đà đưa MICRO:BIT vào ĐH Lạc Hồng

Mr. Waris Candra helped lecturers of LHU open eyes with MICRO: BIT

Thanks to outstanding achievements in technology playing grounds such as ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon, Shell Eco marathon Asia, Digital race of FPT Corporation,... LHU emerges as a potential partner in technology field, attracting the cooperation from foreign enterprises. Besides, LHU is the destination and ideal environment of high school students in Bien Hoa city to carry out scientific research projects.

Translated by T.H

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