LHU ready for the 142nd AUN-QA programme assessment

LHU will hold the opening ceremony of the 142nd AUN-QA assessment at programme level for two training programs in Information Technology and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology at 8:00 a.m on April 29, 2019.


Campus 2 - LHU - where the opening ceremony of AUN assessment activities takes place 

The evaluation team of AUN-QA consists of five experts from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines led by Prof. Dr. Yahaya Md.Sam - Senior Managing Director of Risk and Quality Management Center of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

LHU is ready the 142nd AUN-QA assessment at programme level

On the side of LHU, there are the presence of Mr. Nguyen Trung Phuong - Party Committee Secretary, Dr. Do Thi Lan Dai - Chairwoman of the Trustees Board, People's Teacher Dr. Do Huu Tai - Rector, the University Management Board, representatives of leaders from functional departments, officers, lecturers of two faculties whose training programs are evaluated this time.


Previously, lecturers actively participated in training courses to serve the AUN-QA assessment

The assessment program at LHU will take 3 days from April 29 to May 1, 2019. During this period, the external assessment delegation will work with the University Management Board, the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics ..., visit facilities, met lecturers, officers and staff, students, alumni, ... of 2 majors Information Technology and Electrical - Electronics Engineering Technology.

Translated by T.H

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