More job opportunities offered to LHU students

Recently, a delegation from YS PARTNER Company led by Mr. Tomoyuki Maeda - CEO and Mr. Kenji Takeuchi - Manager of Human Resources Development Dept. had a working session with LHU to discuss student recruitment program. The delegation was received by Permanent Vice Rector Lam Thanh Hien, Manager of International Relations Dept. Nguyen Thanh Lam, leaders of Mechatronics - Electronics Faculty, Information Technology Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty, Chemical and Environmental Engineering Faculty,  Mr. Mr. Kimura Takayyuki - Lecturer of Japanese Studies - Faculty of Oriental Studies and relevant officers.

The working session between the two sides


YS PARTNER Company will recruit 10 - 20 LHU students this time

YS PARTNER is a member of YS Group - a 120-year-old corporation specializing in Information Technology, Nursing, Estate and Petroleum. In particular, YS PARTNERR is a unit to support companies in Japan that want to recruit and support foreigners who want to find jobs or change jobs in Japan.


Mr. Kimura Takayyuki - Lecturer of Japanese Studies (left) shared the benefits when cooperating with YS PARTNER Company

At the working session, Mr. Kimura Takayyuki said LHU students could meet the recruitment needs of YS PARTNER. On the other hand, YS PARTNER was a prestigious unit of many partners. Therefore, both sides needed to cooperate with each other.

​​​​Nhật Bản

There are currently 30 LHU students joining in Paid-Internship Program in Japan

CEO of YS PARTNER Company - Mr. Tomoyuki Maeda also said that time the Company planed to recruit 10 - 20 LHU students majoring in engineering and technology. Deadline for submission is May 27 and students will be interviewed online on June 17. Qualified students will be trained free 6 - 12 month Japanese courses.  In particular, the Company will pay all visa fees and airline tickets. Salary for an engineer working in Japan is from USD $ 2000 to $ 3,000/ a month. Students will work for 5 years in Japan.

Cơ hội nghề nghiệp cùng công ty YS PARTNER Nhật Bản

The two sides discussed conditions and favors when students work for YS PARTNER Company

Translated by T.H

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