Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics transfered Nanotech disinfection gate to prevent Covid 19

Recently, Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics of LHU in cooperation with Creative Investment Co., Ltd. has developed Nanotech disinfection gate. The product helps limit the spread of Covid 19 and protect people's health.

The disinfection gate is located at the entrance of the Management Authority 

After nearly 3 weeks of research and creation, on March 24, 2020, LHU urgently completed the installation and handover of the disinfection gate to the Management Authority for Urban Railways located in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

The disinfection gate with simple operation, makes it easy for users. When a person enters the gate, the indicator light turns red. At the same time, the spraying system starts disinfecting the person inside. After 10 seconds of disinfection, the system will stop and turn green outside. The disinfection process is finished and the next person can enter the room.

Nanotech disinfection gate researched and installed by LHU's Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics

Three product lines to meet the installation needs of units

Beside quick disinfection, the gate is equipped with dry mist spraying technology, sensor system, smart light system. In addition, the gate is designed with an automatic counter so that managers can easily collect the number of people entering and leaving.



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