Lac Hong Racing Car Contest to be held

The Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics - LHU on July 5 has successfully held Lac Hong Racing Car Contest for students of Automotive Engineering Technology major. The contest took place at the second campus' yard.

An exciting and thrilling playground for Automotive Engineering Technology majors

This is the first time the Faculty has organized the contest, attracting the participation of 20 teams including students at all levels and five teams from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. The contest is also a playground for enthusiasts to exchange and learn about technology, especially the Automotive Engineering Technology.

Reportedly, model cars were designed and created by students themselves. The car was structured according to the operation principles like a real car. The model car was combined mechanical, electrical, electronic components, and IoT technology applications. The riders will control the car remotely by phone, via wifi protocol, internet.

Model cars were created by Automotive Engineering Technology majors

LHU students (orange T-shirts) and Hutech students (red T-shirts)

Over the years, the Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics has gained outstanding achievements in international competitions such as five championships at Shell Eco Marathon Asia,  the 4th Asian face at the World champion racer in London in 2019 and many other prizes. Currently, the Faculty's curriculum consists of 5 majors: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology, Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Electronics & Communications Engineering Technology, Control & Automation Engineering Technology and Automotive Engineering Technology.


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