7 students of LHU receive the title of "Typical cadres of Students’ Association"

On January 5 morning, at the 73rd anniversary of the Traditional Day of Students (January 9, 1950 - 2023), the Dong Nai provincial Student Association awarded the titles of "Five-Good Student", "Five-Good Collective of Students" and "Typical cadres of Students’ Association" at the provincial level to outstanding collectives and individuals in the 2021-2022 school year. The event took place at the Golden Lotus Restaurant. Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union, Chairman of the Provincial Student Association Vo Van Trung also attended the ceremony.

Student Bui Nguyen Minh Triet - Head of Faculty of English Language's Student Association received the title of "Typical cadre of Students’ Association"

LHU has 28 students winning the title of “Student with Five Good Merits” and 7 students honored as "Typical cadres of Students’ Association"

On this occasion, the Provincial Student Association awarded the titles of  "Five-Good Collective of Students" to 7 collectives, "Five-Good Student" to 124 individuals and "Typical cadres of Students’ Association" to 34 individuals for their outstanding achievements in the 2021-2022 school year. 

Of the awardees, LHU has 28 students who won the title of "Student of Five Merits" at the provincial level. Also, another 7 students were honored as "Typical cadres of Students’ Association" by the Dong Nai Student Association for the 2021-2022 school year.

LHU's 7 cadres of Students’ Association were honored at the ceremony, including:

- Student Coc Thuc Van - Head of Faculty of Oriental Studies's Student Association 

- Student Nguyen Thi Diem Quynh - Member of the Executive Committee of the University Student Association

- Student Bui Nguyen Minh Triet - Head of Faculty of English Language's Student Association

- Student Ho Luong Thi My Ly - Head of the Class 21TP111’s Students Association, Faculty of Food Science and Engineering

- Student Nguyen Tran Mai Loan - Vice Head of Faculty of Administration - International Economics's Student Association

- Student Than Thi Hoang Yen - Vice Head of Faculty of Finance - Accounting's Student Association

- Student Nguyen Thai Thao Hieu - Head of the Class 21DT111’s Students Association, Faculty of Oriental Studies


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