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Student Housing

Address: Quarter 4, Huynh Van Nghe Street, Buu Long Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province

Telephone :  0613 953598 -  0613 953597

Built in July, 2005 and operated on April 8th, 2006, the dormitory locates in the third campus of Lac Hong University with its capacity of nearly 1, 000 accommodations.
A view of LHU dorm.
The dormitory is organized under of the Ministry of Education and Training’s regulations, Functional Agency of Dong Nai Provincial Ministry of Public Security and the school. Its slogan is “Safety- Civilization- No criminals and social evils”.
The dormitory is a five-storey buiding with an area of 4000 square meters including 90 rooms and functional departments. Each room with the size of over 30 square meters accomadating 8 students. Rooms for boys and girls are separated. In addition, the dormitory contains a 500-seat hall for activities. Internet and wifi services are available and free for students.
Each self-contained room is furnished with lights, fans, beds, bathroom, …. Drinking water systems are sterilized by ultraviolet rays and serve free for students. In addition, the dormitory is equipped with fire preventing and fighting systems and services for emergencies. There is also a canteen with size of 350 square meters near the dormitory. Every day, the canteen supplies from 400 to 600 servings with reasonable prices to its students. The dorm also offers its students three large parking lots accommodating about 300 motorbikes, 400 bicycles.

LHU offers students not only accommodation but also recreational activities. Besides, the establishment of a group or a club brings out opportunities for students to make friends and help each other both in their study and their life on campus. Furthermore, it is for these clubs and organizations that partially help them be more dynamic and confident.

Student service
A number of services are given out to help students to better their life at campus and later life-career. LHU not only offers students the best academic programs but also assists them with those policies on financial aids, accommodation, career counseling services. In short, LHU does its best to awaken potential talent of its students and leads them to their own success after graduation.

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