LHU Overview

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Mission and Goal Statement

a) Missions of LHU

Lac Hong University is a technology transfer, applied scientific research and training institution, meeting social needs. The University provides highly qualified human resources; cultivate competent and virtuous talents, serving the national industrialization and modernization in the context of international integration.

b) Vision of LHU

LHU aims to become a leading university in applied sciences in Vietnam by 2030.

c) Objectives of LHU

LHU is to provide high quality human resources who have specialized knowledge, professional competence, qualified skills, management ability and soft skills such as computer science, foreign languages​​, communication, teamwork, etc. The human resources are equiped with political, virtuous, and social qualities, creative abilities, sense of responsibility and good health to make significant contribution to the society. The University offers an advantageous environment to cultivate talents with ability to improve their knowledge, do research and take part in graduate programs either in Vietnam or abroad.