Opening ceremony of Industry Advisory Board

Recently, LHU in cooperation with enterprises held "Opening ceremony of Industry Advisory Board". This is one of the activities that contributes significantly to improve and innovate training duty of the University to the society. Especially, this contributes to connecting the University with enterprises in training, scientific research and technology transfer, actively supporting career opportunity introduction, searching for scholarships and equipment for teaching activities...

LHU ra mắt Ban tư vấn từ doanh nghiệp: Hướng đi cần đẩy mạnh cùng cách mạng 4.0

On behalf of the University Management Board, Vice Rector Nguyen Van Nam delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

Understanding the desire of businesses when investing in schools is to develop businesses and look forward to receiving good employees. To make training quality meet requirements of enterprises, LHU has actively changed, invested more in scientific research, training programs and importantly attraction of its excellent students.

LHU ra mắt Ban tư vấn từ doanh nghiệp: Hướng đi cần đẩy mạnh cùng cách mạng 4.0

In addition to joining the Advisory Board, many businesses play roles of investors of LHU students through the annual scholarship programs

LHU is cooperating with businesses in recruitment, research, technology-based training courses and intensive training courses. To do this, LHU has established relations with businesses to ensure the success of respective courses.  So far, LHU has associated with more than 800 enterprises in and outside the region and dozens of joint training programs. Typically, the University has opened joint training courses with the Japanese Cultural Association (HIDA - The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association), the Support Vietnam Co., Ltd. ... After students finish these modules, they will receive the corresponding certificates to be able to take internship and work in Japanese enterprises.

Many FDI enterprises actively participated in the Advisory Board

In addition, LHU offers students conditions to approach working culture of each business. "Japanese businesses will have culture different from Korean, Thailand, American ones, ... Therefore, in parallel with research, training, students will have training courses to be familiar with the culture of countries to adapt to working environment at enterprises", said Mr. Tran Dung - Head of Enterprise Relations and Student Support Division.

For the past years, LHU has always promoted the training of qualified human resources to meet the labor market of Vietnam and foreign invested enterprises. To do this, the University is associating with businesses such as SeAH Steel Vina Corp. (Korea), C.P. Vietnam Corporation (Thailand), Sai Gon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank... to establish scholarship funds and prioritize to recruit sponsored students during their studies.

LHU ra mắt Ban tư vấn từ doanh nghiệp: Hướng đi cần đẩy mạnh cùng cách mạng 4.0

The Advisory Board has positive contribution of generations of LHU alumni

Hopefully, the establishment of Industry Advisory Board at LHU will contribute to maximizing the University's role, improving the quality of training to meet the needs of enterprises and society.

Translated by T.H
Lac Hong, 12/09/2018 - 10:50:46

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