Chairman of JLAN Association wishes LHU to become a member

After the success of the two female students of LHU Japanese major at 2018 Miss Sakura beauty pageant and at the 3rd National Japanese Speech Contest - CUP JLAN-Test organized by the Japanese Education Association for non-Chinese countries, Mr. Hashino Nobuo - Chairman of JLAN Association visited and proposed LHU to become a member of JLAN.

Chủ tịch Hiệp hội JLAN mong muốn LHU trở thành thành viên

Chairman of JLAN Association Hashino Nobuo awarded First runner-up prize at 2018 Miss Sakura beauty pageant to student Le Thi Mai Huong - LHU

Vice Rector Nguyen Thi Thu Lan, Dean of Oriental Studies Faculty Nguyen Thi Anh, and Head of International Relations Department Nguyen Thanh Lam received the JLAN delegation.

At the first meeting, the two units introduced their activities and strengths. Talking about the JLAN Association, Mr. Hashino Nobuo especially emphasized the value of activities and the existence of JLAN "There are many students in the world who are studying or planning to learn Japanese and the number of Japanese learners is increasing. Among them, the number of students from countries that do not use Chinese (like Vietnam) is not small. They encounter many difficulties in learning and using Chinese characters. So many of them give up halfway. In 2015, JLAN was born with a desire to find member units to eliminate these restrictions for students.

Chủ tịch Hiệp hội JLAN mong muốn LHU trở thành thành viên

Mr. Hashino Nobuo - Chairman of JLAN Association (brown tie) at the working session with LHU

Until now, JLAN has gathered 16 member units, including seven Japanese training ones in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education, Da Nang University, Nha Trang University, Thang Long University, Dong Do University, Van Xuan University of Technology and Hue University of Foreign Languages. The Chairman hoped that LHU would soon be the next member of the Association. Thereby, it will support the University to improve the Japanese level for lecturers and students through cultural and academic exchange programs, specifically organizing JLAN-Tests, using the JLAN-Tests in Japanese teaching and training, especially sending experts and providing Japanese textbooks to support Japanese education.

Being a flexible university in training to meet the labor market demands, especially the attraction of Japanese-proficient human resources today is a new challenge to LHU. Before that challenge, the University has soon developed extensive Japanese training activities for all students such as opening free courses on Japanese business culture, Basic Japanese,... promoting Internship programs, Study abroad scholarships - working in Japan,... The University is expected to apply both English and Japanese as the criteria for the evaluation of the outcome standards.

Translated by T.H

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