Nguyen Khanh Ly wins 1st Sound of LHU

The Organization Board of 1st Sound of LHU has recently awarded prizes to best candidates. Nguyen Khanh Ly (Faculty of Accounting and Finance) won First at Sing Category and Doan Thi Kieu Trang from Faculty of International Economics won First at Talk Category. Accordingly, Kieu Trang becomes the representative face of Lac Hong Media Channel.

Khanh Ly received Cup and Certificate of merits from Head of the Organization Board Dang Thi 

Khanh Ly excellently performed the song "Cho anh say" at Double Challenge round 

Kieu Trang will be the representative face of Lac Hong Media Channel 

with her story about the University Entrance Exam 

Kieu Trang shared she was so happy to become the champion - Talk category. Through the competition, she wished to spread her efforts to the audience, especially those who were anxious about the coming important examination and hoped them have a strong mentality. Kieu Trang's wish is also the organizers'. The competition not only satisfies students' passion but also transmits good messages to the community.

* Sing Category:

- First: Nguyen Khanh Ly - SOLV2011 - 19.9 points

- Second: Nguyen Dinh Vu - SOLV2005 - 18.8 points

- Third: Nguyen Thi Bich Lien - SOLV2048 - 18.1 points

- Encouragement: Le Phuc Hai Hoa - SOLV2020 - 17.2 points

- Encouragement: Ho Tran My Diem - SOLV2050 - 16.9 points

- Most Favorite Contestant: Nguyen Dinh Vu - SOLV2005 - 1652 votes

*Talk Category:

- First: Doan Thi Kieu Trang - SOLV2027 - 20.3 points

- Second: Le Truong Chinh - SOLV2037 - 19.3 points

- Third: Le Thi Diem My - SOLV2045 - 18.3 points

- Most Favorite Contestant: Le Truong Chinh - SOLV2037 - 660 votes

Nguyen Dinh Vu received Second and Most Favourite Contestant 

Two Encouragement prizes belong to Hai Hoa and My Diem

Truong Chinh won Second and Most Favourite Contestant 

Ms. Diem Nhi awarded Three at Talk category to Diem My

The 1st SOL has successfully ended and also opened up a new playground of arts among LHU students. SOL has found talented students to join in LHU Media Channel. Hopefully, next SOL will continue to inspire and explode with new and impressive faces. 


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