LHU creates robots for stuff transport in quarantine sites

Recently, the Faculty of Electromechanics - Electronics of LHU joined hand with Dong Nai Provincial Youth Union successfully developed robots for disinfection and stuff transport tasks in hospitals and quarantine sites in the province.

Robots transport necessities in isolation areas

Robot has a mass of 48 kg, a length of 1.3 m, a width of 0.9 m and a height of 0.8 m

The transport robot was researched and created in seven days. It has a mass of 48 kg, a length of 1.3 m, a width of 0.9 m and a height of 0.8 m. It uses 2 motors installed on the rear wheel which is remotely controlled with the ability to transport 100kg of goods and necessities on flat terrain. There is a tray above to carry essentials, medicine,... The robot travels within a 200-meter range with a speed of 30m/min, operates continuously for 4 hours and takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

This robot is equipped with a camera and a direct microphone connection by Wi-Fi or 3G.  In addition, it can disinfect infected areas, isolation and blockade areas with a capacity of about 20 liters of liquid. It is also made from highly durable, water-proof materials in accordance with industrial standards with a total manufacturing cost of about VND 60 million.

Lecturer Tran Trong Duc (right) and student Phan Nguyen Xuan Khuong wish to join hands with the community to prevent the Covid -19 epidemic

This robot can replace humans in transporting and delivering goods, limiting contact and disease spread

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Quynh - Vice Rector of LHU, this robot is quite large, suitable for isolation areas, hostels, and flat terrain. The implementation team is redesigning it to be more compact and flexible to operate in field hospitals and treatment areas for COVID-19 patients. Currently, the University has ordered components to create more robots, at least 20 to serve the order needs of Dong Nai Provincial Youth Union and other units. The design drawings of the robot are publicized on social networks. Therefore, any unit that wishes to use it can download for further fabrication, to help the community to soon reverse the epidemic.


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