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Center for English Research Paper Writing

To improve research paper writing skills in English language for research doers, recently Lac Hong University has established the Center for English Research Paper Writing and Correction which is also available online at

The Center is managed by Professor Teddy Andrew Knoy. He is an American professor.  He has a lot of experience in instructing Technical English writing at Taiwan's Chiao Tung University and Tsing Hua University from 1989. He is the founder of an English writing center at Yunpei University. He has corrected hundreds of papers for scientific research publishes from 1989. He is also the author of five books "The Chinese Technical Writers' Series" and eight books "Chinese Professional Writers' Series". In addition, Professor Ted is an English editor of some journals and technical publications in Taiwan. He is now working as an Education Ph.D at East Anglia University (United Kingdom).

By Diem Nhi - trans by WBE

Research Paper Writing and Correction, Professor Teddy Knoy

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