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Sound of LHU (SOL) - the first contest to find beautiful and inspirational voices of LHU, kicked off on June 23 has attracted a large number of students at all levels. SOL includes two categories: Sing and Talk. The contest is also divided into two rounds: Hidden Face and Double Challenge.

The total value of prizes is up to VND 30,000,000

The First prize is up to VND 10 million, including cash and a filmed music MV. In particular, the winner will have an opportunity to become the announcer of LHU Media Channel.

The contestants will present their tests at the Studio of LHU, published on the official fanpage of LHU Media Channel. Marks are voted by the audience. 

Mei has completely conquered the organizers with Everytime We Touch - Sing category

"Wave" performed by an inspiring voice - Talk category

After the Hidden Face round, with more than 50 contestants, the organizers has selected 20 excellent ones to enter the Double Challenge. At this round, these contestants have to show their confidence in front of the camera lens like professional singers. In addition to votes of the audience, these contestants are marked by the Judges including Mr. Dang Thi - Vice Dean of English Language Faculty - Head of Organization Board, Ms. Do Thuy - Head of Korean Studies Department - Faculty of Oriental Studies, Mr. Cao Phan Quang - Leader of Soi Da Band and Ms. Khuat Kieu Diem Nhi - Deputy Head of Media Division.

The winner of 1st SOL will show up tonight

Tonight at 8pm, all performances of best contestants will be livestreamed on LHU Media fanpage. Also, the organizers will hold a mini game for the audience who predict the winner correctly. The lucky audience will receive bonus VND 500,000.

SOL awards

1. Sing category

- First prize: VND 3,000,000 + CUP + Certificate + Filming music MV

- Second prize:  VND 1,500,000 + Certificate

- Third prize:  VND 1,000,000 + Certificate

- Two Encouragement prizes: VND 500,000 + Certificate

- The most voted contestant: VND 1,000,000  + Certificate + Filming music MV

2. Talk category

- First prize: VND 2,000,000 + CUP + Certificate

- Second prize: VND 1,000,000 + Certificate

- Third prize: VND 500,000 + Certificate

- The most voted contestant: VND 1,000,000  + Certificate

3. Lucky audience: VND 500,000 / a prize


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