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Bien Hoa's specialities

The Southern land is now attracting more people to come and seek jobs. Bien Hoa city is too. This place not only has a leisure and quiet life speed of a city with 300 years of old but also is a busy and dynamic young industrial one. The city has a mix of cultures and people from other regions, thus bringing it a variety of food. Anyone who was born here as well as new comers knows specialities here. It can be a mistake if visitors come here without enjoying delicious specialities.  Let’s go around the city to enjoy flavorful kinds of food and beautiful natural landscapes.

Bien Hoa city is famous all over the country for Tan Trieu grapefruit. In fact, Bien Hoa grapefruit was derived in Tan Trieu grapefruit village famous over hundreds of years ago. Located in Vinh Cuu district, Tan Trieu grapefruit village lies along the Dong Nai river. Here, tourist will have the chance to taste many kinds of grapefruits. Tan Trieu grapefruit is famous in the southern region for its special flavor. The special taste is thanks to rich alluvium constituted by Dong Nai river.
Tan Trieu grapefruit village is known by a variety of grapefruits such as thanh tra, duong la cam, xiem, oi, num and so on. Thanh Long grapefruit is ranked the first, then Thanh Tra, Thanh Day and Oi grapefruit. There are many different scents and tastes of the Tan Trieu grapefruits. The Thanh Long has small seeds, juicy and light sweet taste and ivory-colored skin. The Thanh Tra and Thanh Day are  as sweet as candy. Especially, the Oi has soft scent. Ordinarily, to taste the flavor of Oi grapefruit, people enjoy it when it is withered since it will be more delicious and tasty. The Oi becomes a special gift in parties, death anniversaries, Tet, holidays…. In spite of different states, they are considered valuable kinds. People of Bien Hoa often compare the taste of grapefruits as “ tu tuyet” i.e. numerous, delicious, valuable and well-known.
Bien Hoa’s people also create many special dishes from grapefruits like goi buoi, grapefruit juice, and grapefruit wine, grapefruit sweet soup, grapefruit roll… Particularly, goi buoi is famously delicious because all ingredients are home-grown, simple and easy to find. People use Thanh grapefruit (little water, crisp, sour and slightly sweet) to make goi buoi (grapefruits mixed with shrimp caught from Dong Nai river, rau thom (kinds of vegetables that have smell), ground peanuts, pork meat, carrot, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, garlic, chilli,…). People can enjoy goi buoi with young grapefruit leaves, baked girdle cakes, bringing them appetite due to light sour, sweet, spicy, and buttery tastes of all ingredients.

To taste the flavor of famous specialities, you can visit Tan Trieu grapefruit village at Vinh Cuu district, 5 kilometers from Lac Hong University.

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