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Technology Transfer of lecturers' research projects

Below are technology-transferred research products made by LHU lecturers.

1. Transferring technology worth VND 150 million to Central II University of Sports including:

- Wireless Network: VND 80 million

- E-office, modules managing marks, students and training: VND 70 million

2. Transferring purchasing management software worth VND 200 million to duty-free supermarkets in Moc Bai

3. Handing over E-Order software worth:

- VND 100 million to Coi Nguon Company

- VND 110 million to Coi Rieng Coffee

- VND 80 million to Riverside restaurant of Ngoc Phat Company

- VND 80 million to Buncamita franchises

4. Handing over Fast Accounting worth VND 1 billion to Business Management Software stock Companyin Ho Chi Minh city

5. Handing over e-library and e-library equipment worth VND 200 million (included in the contract signed with Quang Tri province Department of Science and Technology worth VND 10 billion)

6. Handing over the system which can automatically check and arrange component grills worth VND 125 million to Nectokin Company

7. Handing over E-office free to Ba Ria – Vung Tau University

Handing over Mark Inputting machine, Marking machine for multiple choice  tests free to Binh Duong Economics and Technology University

8. Handing over library management software free to Quang Tri province Le Quy Don high school

9. Handing over Outpatient Medical Treatment software  worth VND 1, 5 billion to Dong Nai Hospital


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