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Technology Transfer of students' research projects

Below are technology-transferred research products made by LHU students.

1. Transferring SSR core bobbin to Nec Tokin VN company (Saving more than VND 200 million/year)

2. Transferring TORQUE WH-PP to Plus Vietnam company (Saving more than VND 60 million/year)

3. Transferring Limiter A Tape Gear to Plus Vietnam company (Saving about VND 237,619,200 /year)

4. Transferring Head Base Push Pull to Plus Vietnam company (Saving $ 6,900/year)

5. Transferring Automatic Cap Roller Stamping Machine to Plus Vietnam company

6. Transferring Centrifugal Mold Casting Machine to 620 Chau Thoi Concrete Company

7. Transferring automatic steel bending machine to Hoc Thuan Hoa Private Enterprise, Ho Nai Ward, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

8. Transferring simulation program of automation systems to Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology


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