LHU, technological bright spot in the Covid-19 epidemic (Part 1)

In the 2020-2021 school year, the pedagogical team of LHU in particular continues to face many difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. However, the scientific research movement at LHU is still burning. The flexibility, sensitivity and launch of products that meet the community's needs not only in life but also during the epidemic, show that LHU is always the leading bird in scientific research in Dong Nai.

LHU promotes technology transfer activities and applications of scientific research into practice

Efforts to lead the movement of the whole people to enter the provincial scientific and technological front 

According to statistics from the Board of Directors of the program "Promoting initiative and creativity in work and study" in Dong Nai, 2020, the whole province had 542 participating solutions. The jury selected 68 solutions. Particularly in the field of Education, there were 8 among 16 winning solutions that belonged to the authors who were lecturers and students of LHU. In 2021, LHU continues to hold the leading position in the movement of technological and scientific research, leading the movement of all people to enter the provincial science and technology front when accounting for 12 among 27 solutions that won high prizes at Dong Nai Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Competition.

LHU students surpass many "big competitors" to prove their innovative research competence

Thereby, lecturers and students of LHU have overcome the epidemic and brought many impressive and outstanding awards and technology transfer research activities serving the community as follow

Innovative products serving the community

Solution "Wet and dry cleaning robot for solar panels" carried out by MSc Le Hoang Anh, Engin. Tran Trong Duc, DSc. Hoang Ngoc Tan and students of Faculty of Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics not only won the First prize at the Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Competition 2021 but also was transferred to Chi Thanh Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. Accordingly, the robot "made in Vietnam" with only 2 workers can clean 6,000 square metre of solar panels in just one day, while currently it needs 6 workers in 5 days.

"Wet and dry cleaning robot for solar panels" product can replace 6 workers in 5 working days

The Electric Wheelchair Project overcoming 35 projects of 180 students from 6 universities across Vietnam excellently won the First Prize at the Engineering Project In Community Service 2021 (EPICS). The competition was organized by the USAID BUILD-IT Project and Dow Vietnam's STEM Program. The product called AutoMov was made by a group of students from the Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics instructed by their lecturers and some from the Faculty of Information Technology.

 The AutoMov product helps the elderly and the disabled move easily with cheap prices

Project "Module converts manual wheelchairs into electric wheelchairs" won First Prize at the 2021 Creative Idea Contest finale held by VNU-HCM attracting 320 projects with 1,000 contestants from 174 universities, colleges and high schools nationwide.

Project "Designing a new transmission system on electric vehicles" won First Prize at the URI program (Undergraduate Research Initiative) under the BUILD-IT Project.

Project "ENRE- Air filter" was honored to win the Social Impact Award at the Initiative Camp of Youth for Clean Air under the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and named for the top 10 funded for implementation.

Solution "Research on cultivation of Cordyceps militaris on organic environment supplemented with bird's nest" carried out by Ms. Doan Thi Tuyet Le - lecturer of Faculty of Food Science and Technology won Second at Dong Nai Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Competition. This solution is highly innovative since it has replaced inorganic minerals commonly used to grow Cordyceps militaris with completely natural organic ones.

Many products of LHU teachers and students have been commercialized

There are also many valuable solutions such as Developing a process to apply the Project-based Learning method to the teaching process of technical subjects; AutoMov wheelchair assist device; Research, design, manufacture and experiment a small vertical wind turbine model from recycled materials; Research, design and manufacture automatic billet feeding system; Proposing teaching methods to practice controlling electrical devices during the Covid-19 pandemic…

During the complicated epidemic period, the research team of the Faculty of Mechatronics - Electronics developed a robot for disinfection and stuff transport tasks in hospitals and quarantine sites in the province. The transport robot was researched and created in seven days. It has a mass of 48 kg, a length of 1.3 m, a width of 0.9 m and a height of 0.8 m. It uses 2 motors installed on the rear wheel which is remotely controlled with the ability to transport 100kg of goods and necessities on flat terrain. There is a tray above to carry essentials, medicine,... The robot travels within a 200-meter range with a speed of 30m/min, operates continuously for 4 hours and takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery. It is equipped with a camera and a direct microphone connection by Wi-Fi or 3G.  In addition, it can disinfect infected areas, isolation and blockade areas with a capacity of about 20 liters of liquid. It is also made from highly durable, water-proof materials in accordance with industrial standards. The design drawings of the robot are available on social networks to help the community to soon reverse the epidemic.

Robot for disinfection and stuff transport, LHU's technological bright spot amid the Covid-19 epidemic

In addition, at the end of October 2021, LHU signed a contract with Au Viet Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Aviphar) to transfer the production formula of Nanosilver handwash and throat spray. These products were researched by Dr. Cao Van Du - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and his associates. These will be advanced products to protect people in the new normal and normal.


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