LHU, technological bright spot in the Covid-19 epidemic (Part 2)

LHU, technological bright spot in the Covid-19 epidemic (Part 1)

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As an applied university, LHU constantly invests in scientific research activities with many applied products introduced to the community. Owning the Center for Scientific Research and Applications and a block of laboratories along with a team of qualified scientists…contributes to the creation of many valuable research projects. In the last academic year, the University had 165 scientific articles, of which 69 articles published in international journals, proceedings, and conferences; 32 articles published in ISI-and Scopus journals and 96 articles published in national journals, proceedings and conferences.

LHU's creation towards community values 

Following these achievements, LHU reaches the top 30 Vietnam universities with best international publications and is the only university in Vietnam listed the top 30 innovative universities towards Ethical Values in the WURI Ranking.

LHU students do not stop studying and researching despite obstacles caused by the epidemic 

Improving the education quality requires a synchronous combination of many factors such as innovative training programs, invested equipment and facilities, expanded international relations, enhanced teaching staff and strengthened scientific research activities. Scientific research is an activity that cannot be separated from teaching and learning by both teachers and students. Students involved in scientific research bring not only their good academic results but also a solid starting point for their future careers. Scientific research helps teachers enhance their research competence, and creativity, both consolidating their professional knowledge and expanding knowledge in other fields.

Let's welcome the coming event - the 35th LHU Science and Technology Festival which will be held on Tuesday, December 28 at 8:00 a.m Via Zoom Meeting and Livestream on This is an annual festival of LHU, gathering scientific research projects and products carried out by students and lecturers. This year's Festival promises many valuable and practical scientific research projects.

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