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Students' Association

Student's Association is an effective support unit of the Youth Union with the task of connecting students, organizing healthy and useful playgrounds, creating conditions for students to show their youthful enthusiasm.


- Gather, unite, encourage and help members and students in learning and training

- Educate ideals, moral traditions, lifestyle and legal consciousness for members and students

- Coordinate with the Youth Union to organize social, cultural and sports activities for students, especially voluntary activities such as Giving strength to exam season, Green Summer, Blood Donation,...

- Cooperate with the Youth Union to organize extracurricular activities to help students improve their social knowledge and soft skills

- Popularize and encourage students to actively join in Youth Union - Student's Association movements and competitions

The current Executive Board of Student's Association, term VIII  (2020 - 2023)

Ông Trần Tiến

  • Mr. Tran Tien
  • Chairman

TS. Lê Phương Trường

  • Mr. Nguyen Dinh Phi
  • Vice Chairman

TS. Lê Phương Trường

  • Ms. Truong Le Bao Trinh
  • Vice Chairwoman



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