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LHU - a typical example in patriotic emulation movement

LHU is a higher education institution with important contributions in scientific research and technology transfer, in training and providing high quality human resources, contributing to promoting the socio-economic development of Dong Nai and the whole country in general. LHU is worthy the first flag in the patriotic emulation movement.

The first flag in scientific research and technology transfer in Dong Nai

LHU has been one of the higher learning institutions with outstanding achievements in scientific research and technology transfer, contributing to promoting the process of international integration in education of Vietnam, empowering Vietnam's knowledge in the international arena for the past years. As of April 2020, the University had 669 scientific works published in domestic and foreign journals, including 375 international articles, 222 articles published in ISI /Scopus indexed journal. In 2019, LHU was one of the 50 universities in Vietnam with the most international publications based on the Scopus system.

Notable achievements of LHU in inside and outside competitions

In addition to articles published in journals, the University's scientific research activities has won many prizes in domestic and foreign science and technology competitions. Early 2020, LHU had 9 prizes at Vifotec Award, 40 prizes at the Ministry-level Student Scientific Research, 12 prizes at the Vietnamese Young Science Talents Award, 3 Euréka Awards, 168 prizes at the Dong Nai province Technical Invention Contest, 28 prizes at the domestic and international Robocon competitions (including nine national and three international championships), 5 international championships at the Shell Eco-marathon Asia. In the Shell Marathon London 2019, LHU was the only Asian face ever to participate in this arena and ranked fourth.

In the field of technology transfer, LHU is a leading institution in technology innovation and scientific and technical application.Through this, LHU contributes to promoting scientific research and technology transfer for domestic and foreign enterprises, helping them optimize production processes, improve product quality, limit costs in production and save more than VND 20 billion for factories in industrial parks. With the above contributions, LHU is a leading unit in research and technology transfer in Dong Nai, contributing to the socio-economic development in the locality and the whole country.

Offering more happy learning spaces for students

With its educational philosophy "Morality - Intelligence - Creativity", LHU always creates the best learning conditions for learners. The University has been constantly improving the comfortable learning ecosystem for its students. The entire system of workshops, lecture halls, studio, library, laboratories, ... is equipped with air conditioners and modern facilities serving teaching and learning. In addition to the system of modern facilities, the University also offers many playgrounds and clubs for students. Each major has its own playgrounds. Engineering Technology majors have Robocon, driverless car, digital race, fuel-efficient vehicle competitions, ... Economics majors have Trial hearings, Start-up Clubs, ...The language group has Speaking clubs and competitions on Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English, ...

The projects LHU has been implementing

In addition, the University creates lots of free spaces for teams to satisfy their passions (singing, dancing, martial arts...), other talent competitions,... Thanks to this, students have opportunities to train life skills. Thereby, the University realizes and sends its message that "your happiness is ours".

Aspiring to become a leading unit

As a private institution with its application orientation, combining training qualified human resources with science and technology application and research, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development and international integration of Dong Nai province in particular and the country in general, LHU aims to become the best applied university in Vietnam according to international standards.

To do this, the University has been implementing educational quality assessment according to international standards. In 2019, LHU was the first private university in Vietnam and the only one in Dong Nai to meet AUN - QA standards. The University is also preparing necessary steps aiming to achieve ABET (USA) standards by 2022.

In April, Hanseatic League of Universities organized an online workshop to rank innovative universities in the world. In four ranking catalogs of WURI (World Universities with Real Impacts), LHU is among the top 50 most innovative universities towards Ethical Values. This is due to the devoted contributions of lecturers and students of LHU in participating in EPICS Program of BUILD-IT Project over the years. 

LHU students continually achieve awards in science and technology competitions

Besides, LHU promotes international relations with universities outside the country. So far LHU has signed MoU with 32 universities from China, Japan, Finland,...

Being aware of the role of the human resources factor, LHU leaders have constantly improved the quality of staff and lecturers. Accordingly, the University regularly sends its lecturers to attend advanced training courses at home and abroad, sponsors and facilitates lecturers' education. Teaching staff are encouraged to attend seminars to enhance their qualifications. As a result, the quality of staff and lecturers has been constantly improved. They also achieves noble awards (People's Teacher Dr. Do Huu Tai was honoured at Vietnam Glory programme 2019, MSc Nguyen Van Hai received the National Outstanding Young Face Award 2019). The number of research projects and international articles of LHU lecturers has significantly increased in recent years.

Training high quality human resources and implementing social commitments and responsibilities

LHU, so far, has trained and provided 4.200 graduates and 900 postgraduates for the society. To expand learning and working environment for students, LHU has signed cooperation agreements with more than 800 enterprises in Dong Nai province and nearby areas. Since 2018, LHU has signed commitments that students have job after graduation. 

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Phu Cuong visited scientific research projects of LHU

LHU is also a companion unit of the Dong Nai province in supporting AO/ dioxin victims.

LHU quarterly visits and presents gifts to AO/ dioxin victims in Dong Nai

In the battle against Covid- 19 epidemic , LHU made many products to help the community. Thousands of Nanosilver hand sanitizers were given free to hospitals, schools, Dong Nai people and nearby localities. Other products of LHU were also transferred to companies such as smart thermometers, Nanosilver mouthwash, Nanotech disinfection gate, ... contributed to Dong Nai province and the whole country to repel the disease. 

LHU signed cooperation agreements on Nanosilver mouthwash production and distribution with Nature Vietnam Company and Tam Nhat Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

With these achievements, LHU has become a higher education institution with many important contributions, promoting the socio-economic development of Dong Nai and the country in general. It is worthy the first flag in the patriotic emulation movement.


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