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LHU's library (belonging to Information and Resources Center) was established in 1997, located in the Campus 1, Building A. The library has a collection of more than 19,000 volumes (over 15,900 Vietnamese books and the rest mostly English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean books), over 40 journal names, more than 15,000 e-books.
The total area is 1,000 square meters. The collection consists of several fields including engineering, foreign languages, informatics, economics, culture, history, accounting … The major aim is to provide information to advance training mission, research, learning and teaching of the university.
The library makes information available to teachers and students  in both print and electronic formats. Thousand of e-books, e-lectures and scientific journals can also be accessed. In addition to provide various resources for readers, the library is equipped with LCD computers with network connection serving for students’ internet access. Reading room and group-working rooms are also available to students.
The mission of the library is to store and provide information services including several fields to serve activities of the university by facilitating timely access to information needed by officers, teachers, and students. 
The library located on the first floor of Building A, divided into 2 rooms.
  • One room for lending books
  • One big reading room equipped with internet connected computers and self-study rooms inside


A view of LHU library



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