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Korean Resources Room

Located on the fourth floor of the campus 3, the Korean resources room is sponsored by KOICA organization with the invested capital of USD $ 17,000.

The room was officially opened on October 14, 2010. It is divided into two different blocks, providing learners with materials concerning Korea's history, culture, society, people,.... and some teaching tools.

The first block mainly displays equipment serving students' autonomy and supporting lecturers' teaching.

The last one is a Korean cultural life block displaying specimens such as musical instruments, traditional costumes, life tools, videos, tapes, materials, ,... All of them were brought from Korea by experts in order to better serve students in learning about the country of Kimchi.

Korean objects are on display

The block of Korean materials

Students are performing the item of beating the Tu vat drums

Tu vat (four sacred animals: dragon, kylin, tortoise, and phoenix)

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