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Administration - Personnel Office


Advising the Rector on and assisting him in:

  • - Building organizing structure.
  • - Managing personnel.
  • - Implementing policies for officers, lecturers and staff.
  • - Carrying out administrative and office work pursuant to the State's regulations.

Staff of Administration - Personnel Office


1. Performing organizational work

  • - Building the University's organization structure, arranging personnel’s' and units' work, assigning working relations and units' ways of working. 
  • - Monitoring and supervising administrative reform work of all departments.
  • - Cooperating with the Department of Academic Affairs to help the Rector arrange work for officials, teachers and staff. Building up and developing staff. 
  • - Overseeing all appointments, recruitment, contract signing, transfer, contract termination issues.
  • - Being responsible for the University's human resource management, deploying the plan to train and foster staff. Carrying out annual staff assessment as prescribed.
  • - Implementing policies for staff such as social insurance, health insurance, welfare, pension, salary increase, scale increase, rewards and punishments.
  • - Coordinating with other units to perform regulations concerning visiting and offering compliments.
  • - Executing internal security and legislation work.
  • - Setting up internal regulations regarding staff organization work.
  • - Acting as an advisor for the Rector to manage human resources and timely promulgate decisions to found Councils and Boards to implement the University's duties and higher authorities’ policies.
  • - Being a permanent Council of staff recruitment and reward and punishment.
  • - Assisting the Rector to make decisions to designate positions. Drafting documents related to staff organization ordered by the Rector.
  • - Managing and updating personnel files and resumes. Making monthly personnel reports.
  • - Managing and arranging security guards' and cleaners' work, being in charge of preparing servings for visitors and guests and doing receptions.
  • - Cooperating with the Labor Union to implement emulation movements, policies for officials, teaching staff and employees, organizing performances, contests for the members.

​2.  Performing office work

  • - Setting up weekly timetables for the Managing Board, arranging meetings between the leadership and staff.
  • - Making summary reports on the University's activities and work.
  • - Attending regular meetings of the Management Board. Undertaking secretarial functions.
  • - Effectuating decisions issued by the Rector.

3. Performing administrative and archives work

  • - Managing the University's seals and issuing them according to regulations.
  • - Checking procedures in publishing administrative documents of the University.
  • - Receiving email messages, faxes and phone calls.
  • - Managing and doing achieves work as prescribed.
  • - Organizing duty work, watching comers and goers, instructing visitors, doing reception work.
  • - Receiving and sending  official correspondence, transferring documents and decisions to units and individuals. Typing and copying documents, ordering and distributing newspapers and journals, receiving and transferring letters.
  • - Managing telephones, photocopies equipped by the University.
  • - Managing and arranging the University's living rooms, presiding meetings and conferences.
  • - Preparing and holding the University's festivals and national holidays, carrying out receptions and festivities, planning programs, considering facilities, receiving guests, informing units of working schedules and days off.
  • - Being responsible for maintaining archives, supporting units to follow regulations of archives and administrative work.
  • - Managing the use of transportation, facilitating staff on assignments and guests’ coming.

2009: Certificate of merit of Dong Nai provincial People's Committee

2010: Certificate of merit of the Ministry of Education and Training.

- Excellent Emulation Flag by the provincial People's Committee.

- Certificate of merit of the provincial People's Committee.

2011: Certificate of merit of the provincial People's Committee

2012: Excellent Labor Collective by the Ministry of Education and Training.

- Certificate of merit of the Ministry of Education and Training.

The Management Board

ThS. Trần Hoàng Minh

  •  Dr. Tran Hoang Minh
  • Manager

Contact Information
No. 10 Huynh Van Nghe, Buu Long ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province 
Office: Room A103 - Campus 1
Tel: (+84) 2513  952138
Fax: (+84) 2513 952534

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