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Office of International Affairs

Acting as a counseling unit to help the Management Board in external relations.
  • Holding negotiations and meetings between the University and foreign institutions. Preparing all related documents and papers.
  • Editing contracts, organizing signing ceremonies between the two sides and planning to supervise the implementation of signed agreements.
  • Being a leading unit in cooperating with international organizations in academic, research, teaching staff and student exchange programs.
  • Searching for scholarships from oversea universities and colleges for the University's teachers, students and staff.
  • Building and deploying programs of oversea study consultancy, holding seminars, conferences on academics, scientific research with schools from abroad.
  • Following legal procedures in signing with partners.
  • Making periodical reports on cooperative activities.
  • Building medium-term and long-term strategies and annual plans for international cooperation.
  • Providing advice and support for units and staff about information related to international relations.
  • Consulting associate training program in undergraduate education with universities around the globe.
  • Coordinating with the Office of Administration - Personnel to watch and manage delegations from abroad, facilitating their arrival and departure.
  • Holding receptions to welcome international delegations.
Members of the International Affairs Office
The Management Board

ThS. Nguyễn Thị Thu Hiền

  •  Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh, M.A
TS. Lê Phương Trường
Hoang Tien Dung, M.A
Deputy Manager

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Office: Ground-floor of Building B (campus 1)
Tel: (+84)2513.953.128

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