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Office of the Rector


  • Associating and coordinating with other units according to the Managing Board's directions.
  • Reporting to the Managing Board all aspects of the University and playing a consulting role.
  • Implementing archives work.


1. Performing associate’s and coordinator’s functions

  • Deploying the implementation of programs and plans, informing individuals and units of Decisions, instructions and announcements of the Management Board.
  • Cooperating with functional units to manage and supervise the offices' performances of programs, plans and work.
  • Collecting and classifying materials, correspondence, proposals, complaints, requests,... Combining with Administrative, functional departments and
  • Inspection Office to investigate and send suggested solutions to the Rector.

2. Performing reporting and synthesizing functions

  • Synthesizing and making periodical or unscheduled reports on fulfillment of tasks of the University to submit the Management Board and related Boards and Offices.
  • Synthesizing and building programs and work plans of the University.
  • Keeping track of legislation work, documents drafting, regulations setting up
  • Acting as Secretary of the Management Board; planning programs, coordinating with units to prepare documents, recording the minutes and drafts of meetings presided over by Rector and Vice Rectors.

3. Performing archivist's functions

  • Receiving, classifying, registering coming documents, copying and transferring them to the leadership, units and members.
  • Receiving, testing documents before reporting to the Management Board.
  • Checking procedures in issuing the University's administrative documents.
  • Planning weekly schedules and popularizing them to units, monitoring their implementation.
  • Managing and keeping documents as archives according to current regulations.
  • Acting as a law advisor for the Rector and taking legal responsibility for documents issued by the Rector. Following, detecting and dealing with violative cases.
  • Cooperating with functional units oversee and manage the performances of requirements, working regulations, policies of the University.
  • Keeping archives in good condition.
  • Quoting and verifying records according to units' requests.
  • Accepting working schedules, planning meeting timetables for the Management Board and units.

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